Strength Full Body Workout Routine – The Best workout For Your Goal

Knowing what you want to get out of an exercise routine can help you choose if you want to do full or partial body exercises. Maybe you want to lose some fat and be more fit, or you are a woman who wants to fall a few inches and tone up so you can get into the sexy dress. Maybe you are a man who wants to increase or maybe you are looking for a six pack.

Here are the breaks of both benefits of a complete and partial training for your body so that you can get a better understanding and choose accordingly.

Benefits of a full-body workout

The whole body exercises work your whole body in a session. This is you are working different muscle groups from the upper body to the lower part of the body. This training is typically done three times a week.

If you want to lose fat, while building lean muscle tissue, want total body toning, or increase the level of fitness, then this is the training you should do. Working your entire body changes your body’s metabolism to fat burning mode. That’s why it helps burn a lot of calories during and even after training.

The whole body exercises can last up to an hour, but they should not last longer. Sessions can vary from 30 minutes to one hour. Workouts can vary from mild to very intense, depending on the level of fitness. You are not required to do this routine every day. Most full-body workouts are scheduled for three sessions per week. This is a great option for those who have less time to spare, but want to work their entire body.

Benefits of a partial body workout

Partial body exercises are when you work each part of the body with weights on different days of the week. Normally you concentrate on only working one to two body parts each time you work outside. When working with a partial routine, each part of the body has at least one day of rest before you work the body part again.

As only one or two parts of the body are worked at one time with partial body training, each part of the body is being intensively worked. Therefore, keep in mind that, with this type of training, you need to work at least 5 days a week, to effectively train all parts of the body.

These are the best 8 clever ways for a full body workout session to make your gym time more productive.

Measure the weights

Do not start by simply lifting heavy weights immediately. According to experts; This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you start with a fitness routine. Start with slow, steady steps. Start by lifting small weights and gradually increase weights when resistance increases.

Maximum Body Training

For all those who regularly follow a good gymnastics routine, the Tabata Protocol is a familiar term. This is a type of gym exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the neck and back. Basically, this method is used in aerobics. It is also known as the 20:10 method; where you need to repeat 8 rounds, continue for 20 seconds, then take 10 seconds of rest and repeat.

Using Kettlebell

Also known as the kettlebell swing, this training movement is well known for its best performance, especially if you are an athlete. This exercise improves the performance of your heart and back muscles. On the other hand, it also increases your stamina and increases your muscle strength. Start with 20 balances in 3 blocks and take it to 200 balances or 20 sets with at least 30 seconds interval between them.

Organize trainings

You can organize your training sessions into supersets. For example; You can combine two different types of cardio exercises and run them one by one, parallel to each other, in a single set. Combine dumbbell sets with squats or reverse inversions with lifting exercises and so on. Keep repeating them at short intervals for best performance.

Make the sets loose

Having accumulated the necessary resistance to lift heavy weights; begin to lower the charges. According to experts; It is known that the gradual decrease of the weight causes an immense improvement in the volume and the muscular strength. You can do this with any type of exercise and will not have a strong impact on your fatigue levels.

Measuring metabolic stress

Keeping rigorous rest periods and your levels of metabolic stress under control will help you increase volume and stamina in less time. So what exactly are the levels of metabolic stress? These are the levels that tend to decrease through cellular effect as you follow your exercise routine regularly, which results in an increase in muscle strength.

Go down the stairs

While following a good exercise routine every day, make sure you do not interrupt the flow, even when you are not in the gym. Go to the office in the morning? Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Take small breaks between your routine and walk a little. Do not relax until you feel like going to the gym at night.

Follow a healthy diet

In addition to following a good gym routine, be sure to take care of your diet as well. A healthy diet and good exercise regime go hand in hand and you can not achieve the best results by omitting any of them. Take lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and protein and friendly fats in your diet. Also, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and healthy.

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